COVID-19 Update

Resonance Hearing Clinic’s offices in Cobble Hill, Sidney, Chemainus and Lake Cowichan are now open for regular appointments during our regular business hours. Our Covid-19 policies ensure you are safe while visiting us. Our policies include wearing masks (we can provide one if you don’t have one) and using hand sanitizer upon entry. We continue a pick-up/drop off service for batteries, broken hearing aids and other supplies at our offices. Please call us ahead of time so that we are prepared for you.


Our Services

Free Hearing Screening

If you’d like to know whether your hearing is in the normal range, and learn about how to protect or improve it, we can provide this with a complimentary 15 minutes hearing screening.  

Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation

A diagnostic hearing test provides far more information than a screening and is the test recommended by physicians. A full diagnostic test tells us whether a hearing loss is permanent or temporary, and provides information as to where in the auditory system the loss is located. A full audiological evaluation is the only way to accurately assess whether hearing aids are the best choice for a patient or whether the hearing loss can be treated medically. We believe that our patients deserve the best in hearing care and therefore always recommend a diagnostic audiological evaluation before proceeding with any hearing treatment. Click here to see the differences between a hearing screening and a diagnostic evaluation.  

Free Hearing Aid Consultations

If you are researching hearing aids, we are pleased to provide a no charge hearing aid consultation. It will be a chance for us to meet, screen your hearing and help answer your questions.  

Hearing Aid Programming, Follow-up and Repair

All purchases of hearing aids from our clinic include our services, including follow-up appointments, annual hearing tests, reprogramming, and earwax removal, at no further cost to you – for as long as you have the hearing aids. If you have moved to our area or have otherwise purchased your hearing aids elsewhere and are having problems, we can help. As an independent clinic, we can program almost any make of hearing aid and have the knowledge and expertise to help you hear better.  

Custom Earplugs

We make a variety of custom earplugs to protect your ears and your hearing. We make:
  • maximum noise protection plugs
  • earplugs that allow you to hear speech while protecting your ears from loud sounds
  • soft sleeper plugs to help you get a sound nights sleep
  • high fidelity musician’s plugs
  • swim plugs to keep water out of your ears.
  • we also have specialty earmoulds for cellphones, iPods, ear monitors, etc.

Ear Wax Removal

Sometimes, earwax can block the ear canal and cause temporary hearing loss. We provide ear wax removal at all three of our clinics and it is included at no charge for our hearing aid patients or those who are getting a diagnostic evaluation. At our Cobble Hill clinic, we use manual instrumentation, irrigation and/or suction to remove the wax.  An important part of maintaining good performance with hearing aids is the management of earwax.  

Home Visits

We believe that hearing better should be accessible to everyone. If you or your loved one live in the Cowichan Valley and can not make it into one of our clinics, we are pleased to provide a home visit. With our portable clinical equipment we can provide accurate and comprehensive hearing testing, hearing aid programming and fitting, as well as all follow-up care required during the hearing rehabilitation process in the comfort of your home. Please contact us for more information about this service.

Get a Full Hearing Test


At Resonance Hearing Clinic, we believe that our patients deserve the best in hearing care and therefore we always recommend a full diagnostic hearing test before proceeding with any ear management