COVID-19 Update

Resonance Hearing Clinic’s offices in Cobble Hill, Sidney, Chemainus and Lake Cowichan are now open for regular appointments during our regular business hours. Our Covid-19 policies ensure you are safe while visiting us. Our policies include wearing masks (we can provide one if you don’t have one) and using hand sanitizer upon entry. We continue a pick-up/drop off service for batteries, broken hearing aids and other supplies at our offices. Please call us ahead of time so that we are prepared for you.


Hearing Aids


Hearing aids

We have very competitive prices on all of our hearing aids. We sell and service a variety of hearing aid brands including Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Siemens, GN Resound, Starkey, Bernafon and Unitron. When you purchase a hearing aid from Resonance, our services are included free of charge for the life of the hearing aid. We will call you every year to retest your hearing, document any changes and adjust the hearing aid as necessary. We strongly believe that you should obtain good hearing from the aid for many years after the initial purchase. We are always happy to see you and want you to drop by if you ever need your hearing instrument checked or cleaned. A hearing instrument fitting is a very personalized process. The foundation of a good hearing instrument fitting accounts for the type, level and configuration of an individual’s hearing loss as well as their age and length of time of hearing impairment. Just as importantly, the process accounts for an individual’s needs, wants, lifestyle and activities in which they want to hear better. At Resonance, we take the time to listen to you and custom tailor a hearing solution for your needs.

Hearing Protection

When it comes to your sense of hearing, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Did you know that prolonged exposure to loud sounds is the #2 general cause and the #1 preventable cause of permanent hearing loss? At Resonance Hearing Clinic, we make a variety of custom earplugs to protect your ears and your hearing. We have maximum noise protection plugs, soft sleeper plugs to help you get a sound nights sleep, vented plugs for dental professionals, and musician’s plugs that protect your hearing while at the same time letting you hear music and voices. We also have specialty earmolds for cellphones, iPods, ear monitors, etc. We can even keep water out of your ears with affordable, custom, swim plugs made while you wait. Our most popular hearing protection products include:
1. Custom Musicians’ Earplugs (find out more at:  
2. Instant-fit musician earplugs
3. Sleeping earplugs   

Assistive Listening Devices

An assistive listening device is a device (other than a hearing aid) that helps you to hear better. For example, we have TV ears which specifically help for the television. We also have FM systems which are a great help for those with more severe hearing losses, devices for your telephone and an alarm clock that is guaranteed to get you out of bed in the morning!


We carry numerous products related to hearing aid use such as products to reduce itching in the ears, products to lubricate the ears to ease insertion of hearing aids, as well as products to store hearing aids and remove moisture from them.

Get a Full Hearing Test


At Resonance Hearing Clinic, we believe that our patients deserve the best in hearing care and therefore we always recommend a full diagnostic hearing test before proceeding with any ear management