COVID-19 Update

Resonance Hearing Clinic’s offices in Cobble Hill, Sidney, Chemainus and Lake Cowichan are now open for regular appointments during our regular business hours. Our Covid-19 policies ensure you are safe while visiting us. Our policies include wearing masks (we can provide one if you don’t have one) and using hand sanitizer upon entry. We continue a pick-up/drop off service for batteries, broken hearing aids and other supplies at our offices. Please call us ahead of time so that we are prepared for you.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Resonance Hearing clinic client from Victoria

"After many years with diminished hearing, trying various hearing aids and various clinics both on the mainland as well as Victoria, I finally found an audiologist who was able to help me. My results indicated that I have two different hearing problems; Dr. Miranda was able to supply me with hearing aids that are programmable, to address each of these problems separately, yet still work together as a set. The trip from Victoria is a small price to pay for this excellent service."

- Alex from Victoria, BC

Donna from Shawnigan Lake, BC

“Dr. Miranda has fitted me with two small miracles that have opened up my world. I didn’t know this new technology existed. I have been smiling and grateful ever since. I hope ANYONE experiencing the isolation and frustration due to hearing loss, take the time to see Dr. Terence Miranda. It has been the most gratifying appointment I’ve ever been through. To hear birds, my pond trickling, my family and friends and not constantly saying “excuse me” is such an uplifting change. I couldn’t be happier!”

- Donna from Shawnigan Lake, BC

Henry & Andrew from Duncan, BC

“The musicians plugs are an investment as they are saving my hearing. They cut out all of the extra ‘clatter’ in loud places and I can carry on a conversation easier. They go wherever I go. And Andrew’s young ears… he’s loving them. He says he can hear everything so much better in the band with them. He also wears them in the car to cut out the noise.”

- Henry & Andrew from Duncan, BC

Ray from Cobble Hill, BC

“I chose Resonance Hearing Clinic because tests and follow ups were performed on the premises by a Doctor of Audiology, located locally at the Valleyview Centre. Compared to others I’ve tried, I received customer satisfaction, staff assistance, solid recommendations and a choice of various suitable aids.”

- Ray from Cobble Hill, BC

Marion from Cobble Hill, BC

“I was impressed with Terence’s friendly personality, willingness to take time to show me current technology and answer all of my questions. I was also impressed by the friendliness of the front office personnel.”

- Marion from Cobble Hill, BC

Testimonial Port Alberni

"I was born with a severe hearing loss and have worn hearing aids since I was 5 years old... as president of the CHHA (Canadian Hard of Hearing Association) Port Alberni Branch, people call me at times to recommend a hearing clinic to go to. Even though Port Alberni has two well-run hearing clinics, I suggest they go to Resonance Hearing Clinic in Cobble Hill. All these people phoned to inform me they were thrilled... I believe it’s the way Terence works with these people which allows them to be happy with the purchase of their hearing aids.”

- Neil from Port Alberni, BC

Resonance Hearinc Clinic customer from Sooke

“ In Duncan I have a good friend who noticed I had problems following conversations in background noise . . . he suggested I make an appointment with his audiologist, Dr. Miranda. Since birth I, now 77 years old, have had profound hearing loss and have been to many audiologists, clinics and hearing aid technicians looking for help. Owing to this experience, it puts me in the position to judge the quality of examinations . . . I must say that I have never had such a good examination as I had with Dr. Miranda. Also, my wife was impressed . . . Dr. Miranda has my fullest confidence.”

- Norbert from Sooke, BC


“I have had a hearing aid for some 8 years and knew the technology was improving so I decided to investigate recent models. I consulted with three audiologists in the Duncan area but the only one I felt comfortable with was Dr Terence Miranda. He had a much wider perspective on the issues and options, excellent qualifications, highly up-to-date knowledge and equipment, and a greater understanding of my objectives. He explained to me the nature of my hearing loss in terms that I could visualize and understand, and clearly described a range of options to improve my hearing in such a way that I could make a well-informed choice. What was most impressive, however, was his follow-up once I had purchased a new hearing aid. He has regularly checked its effectiveness, adjusted it for maximum benefit to suit my life style, and always been available if I had any concerns. It is a pleasure to deal with him and his staff. I have a much more severe hearing loss in one ear than the other. Dr Miranda recommended that I have a medical check up to determine whether there was any underlying cause. My doctor felt that this was highly unlikely but, on Dr Miranda’s recommendation, referred me to a specialist who also felt there should be no cause for concern but arranged for me to have an MRI. The neurologist found a substantial tumour had grown to press on the auditory nerve that, fortunately, appears to be benign but whose growth requires regular checking as there could be severe side-effects. It is not pleasant be in this situation, but without Dr Miranda’s scrupulous attention to detail I might never have known about the problem until it was far more serious. I do not usually write such notes but felt it appropriate to do so on this occasion to help others to access an outstanding professional who has very fortunately chosen to practice in our community.”

- A Cowichan Valley Resident

Anna Crofton testimonial

“ I am impressed by the follow-up service. I was delivered a new set of hearing aids within a week after mine went missing in the hospital.”

- Anna from Crofton, BC

David from Duncan BC

" I retired from the Canadian Forces in 2009 and moved from Ontario to Duncan BC. One of the more challenging tasks in a long distance move is re-establishing good relationships with care providers in your new community. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found RESONANCE HEARING CLINIC for ongoing care for my hearing loss. Terence Miranda and Angela Nessel are relaxed and empathetic and provide the best Audiology care and advice. They exemplify their motto; Improving Hearing, Enhancing Life. "

- David from Duncan, BC


"Over the years I have used the services and expertise of several providers across different Provinces. I can say, without hesitation, that Resonance Hearing Clinic surpasses expectation and is clearly a benchmark for others to achieve."

- Martin from Vancouver Island

Get a Full Hearing Test


At Resonance Hearing Clinic, we believe that our patients deserve the best in hearing care and therefore we always recommend a full diagnostic hearing test before proceeding with any ear management