Jon Lewis, RHIP performing cerumen management using the microsuction technique.

A quality hearing test is much more than pressing a button whenever you hear a tone.  A full hearing evaluation should include a comprehensive case history followed by a close inspection of the ear canal and eardrum. It should also include the careful removal of excessive cerumen (earwax) that may be causing temporary hearing loss. Immittance testing (testing of middle ear function) should also be conducted. Hearing thresholds (both by air and bone conduction), uncomfortable loudness levels, quietest speech thresholds and ability to repeat words at comfortable volume should all be performed in a specialized soundbooth. At this time, the clinician must review the results and identify any need for medical referral for further diagnostics or treatment.  The results should be explained to the patient and counseling provided on hearing loss prevention, tinnitus or hearing aids. A report of the results and their interpretation should be provided if needed.

There are many hearing clinics who advertise a free hearing test. Who doesn’t like getting something for free, right?!! A free sample of food, free admission to a show, a free used book…. When it comes to your hearing, however, our advice is to be wary of a free hearing test. Are you getting a quality hearing test or just a hearing screening? How good is the interpretation and the quality of the advice?

At each Resonance Hearing Clinic, hearing tests are performed by an experienced clinician using calibrated diagnostic equipment that is regularly serviced and checked for proper function. We charge a small professional fee (currently $95) to give a quality hearing test with patient-centered advice. Charging for a hearing test allows us to charge less for hearing aids when they are required. It also removes any kind of ‘sales pressure’ and makes for a more professional, enjoyable environment for our clients and our clinicians. At Resonance, our mission is to provide friendly, professional, cost-effective hearing services and products to everyone. We look forward to seeing you at one of our clinics!

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