Two woman enjoying their babies

Every night, after we have put our 4 year old twin daughters to bed, I poke my head into their room to check on them. I usually can not see their faces as the light in the room is very dim and they are often snuggled under their blankets, or their faces are covered by their chestnut brown hair. So, I find myself listening intently to their breathing – I listen for the reassuring rhythm of their breath, each unique onto itself. One of our daughters suffers from RSV and I pay especially close attention to the nuances of her breath.

Those soft sounds have a direct connection to my soul and sense of well being. They reassure me that my girls are safe and well.

Hearing loss can occur in varying degree, type and configuration. Individuals with even a mild degree of hearing loss may not be able to hear soft sounds such a baby’s breath, a cat purring or rain falling on the leaves.

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