Girl checking an Audiologist's hearing.
When it comes to managing my own earwax, I try to practice what I preach. I allow clean water into my ears when I have a shower to facilitate the natural process of earwax migrating out of the ear canal on its own. This has worked well for me for the last 20 years.

“For the past couple of weeks however, something was not quite right with my ears.”

At first I didn’t pay it much attention but as the days progressed my ears began to feel somewhat full and partially blocked. I felt I could still hear as usual but I began to notice some high pitched tinnitus. At this point, I knew it was earwax and decided to have it removed by my colleague Katie Norie, a Registered Audiologist with an advanced competency in cerumen management (earwax removal).



ear candling being used on a woman

Ear candling is ineffective and can be unsafe. Microsuction is a highly effective method to remove earwax and can be a great experience.

Katie decided to use microsuction (vacuum under a microscope) to remove the wax. Despite the fact that I have performed this procedure countless times myself and I have full confidence in Katie, I couldn’t help but feel a small tinge of nervousness as Katie suctioned out the earwax. I also felt a slight bit of embarrassment as the wax was piled up in front of me. These feelings were far outweighed by the relief of having the wax removed and the sensation of my ears being reopened.

Earwax removal can be a great Experience

It’s always interesting to be ‘on the other side of the desk’, no matter what job we do. By being the person who was getting the earwax removed, I was able to share the feelings some of our patients may have and I gained some insight into how Resonance can create an even better earwax removal experience.

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